Book: Mittelstand is an Attitude

In 2016, I wrote this book about medium-sized companies with Mr Siebel, the long-standing CEO of the Aptargroup:

Heiner Kübler und Carl A. Siebel:

Mittelstand is an attitude
The silent drivers of the German economy
280 pages, German, ISBN 978-3-430-20220-6

Message of the book:

The German industrial Mittelstand is the backbone of the German economy, the real growth engine of the country. The Mittelstand is far too little known in our society, is only weakly represented politically and is often wrongly lumped together with the big corporations. Entrepreneurs and their teams in medium-sized companies are the silent drivers of our economy. The book reports from the engine room of this industrial sector. It describes how they work, how they achieve success and how they have to accept defeat. A book for everyone who wants to better understand the success of the German industrial Mittelstand.

Content of the book:

On the basis of 14 anonymized case studies from German industrial companies, the book describes how companies are getting fit for the future and how they are strategically aligning themselves. These are success stories, but also failure stories. The reasons for the success of the many German medium-sized world market leaders are worked out. A real-life example is used to tell how a world market leader was built up from several European and American medium-sized companies – characterised by a medium-sized attitude.

The authors:

Since 1983 Dr. Heiner Kübler has been a strategic consultant to more than 100 medium-sized industrial companies from Germany, Europe, the USA and Asia, including numerous Hidden Champions.

Carl A. Siebel forged a global corporation that went public in New York in 1993 under the name of Aptargroup. He was President and CEO of Aptargroup Inc. for twelve years and the first German to head an American listed company.